Dishes for all tastes and typical warm welcoming atmosphere: come to the Old Taverna Sorrentina

Old Taverna Sorrentina


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The Tavern

The Gargiulo family has been in the restaurant business for over three generations. Their great-grandfather, Guglielmo, started with a milk shop, where in summer, with the hot temperature’s, he saw an opportunity to use the abundant milk, and he started making ice cream, a tradition which continues even today.
Later the place became a grocery store and then in the 70’s it became a real inn.


The special character of the Old Taverna Sorrentina is that it maintains its true identity of a traditional Sorrentine inn, rather than trying to mimic an Irish or English pub, and is therefore quite unique in its genre.

A stop at the Taverna Sorrentina will give you the opportunity of trying both typical Sorrento specialities or British fare such as a light lunch, fish and chips or a traditional English breakfast.

The taverna also features a wood oven so you can try the wide variety of Neapolitan pizza. 

The Gargiulo family is ready to satisfy any requests from people with food intolerances such as those who are lactose or gluten-intolerant and instead are happy to offer vegetarian alternatives.  

And that’s not all! As mentioned before, the family specialises in ice cream production, so why not try all 36 flavours of their typical handmade ice-cream? While your children are enjoying Neapolitan cakes, adults can taste local wine, made up in the hills of Sorrento, or sip on one of our limoncello’s (lemon liqueur), ciders or cocktails expertly mixed by our barmen. 


Whether you wish to sit inside or out at the iron tables characteristic of the historical centre of Sorrento, we are always ready to listen.If you want to sit inside,or outside, at the iron tables on the historical centre of sorrento, we are always ready to cuddle you and make yourself at home.


Old Taverna Sorrentina - Via Fuoro 21
Headquarters: Antica Gelateria Sorrentina - Via Fuoro 19
P.IVA 05027181212
Phone: 3336101103
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